Nettle Fibres

We examined the process of artisanal nettle fibre extraction - from the nettle plant to the fibres and yarn to compostable textile samples. The idea of making fabrics from nettle is not new, and nowadays there are still production sites - or new sites - where nettle fibres are extracted. We have studied different methods of fibre extraction, we have tested them and we have tried to optimise the processing.

Thus, through the Nesselkraft project, we have gained new knowledge that we want to pass on. We want to encourage local people to be more curious about where their products come from, what they are made of and, if possible, to look for more sustainable and local alternatives.

Interview with Nesselkraft


Nettle in everyday life

Illustrative evaluation of our study on stamps carried out at the Hyperfestival in June 2019.

Most of the people interviewed encountered nettles in the forest.

Most of the respondents were stung while playing.

Most of the people interviewed had heard about nettle from friends.

Most respondents replied that the garment could feel light.

Most of the respondents have already drunk nettle tea.


For a small fee of CHF 5, you can order the Poster by e-mail. It contains informative illustrations about nettle and the artisanal extraction of nettle fibres and is a great addition to your kitchen wall, for example. It's only available in German.


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