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Process designer

I have been fascinated by plants for some time. I want to know more about these living beings, and explore the role they play in our lives and in the world. Plants are essential to our survival because they produce oxygen and provide food. But forests bare other benefits too, for example for our health. Forests strengthen our immune system, and studies show that nature enhances our creativity.

With the scale of climate change, it is even more important to be more sensitive to our environment. That's why I'm interested in the different uses of local plants.

The textile industry, in particular, still has great potential to become more sustainable. First synthetics are hardly degradable and second cotton production, for example, consumes large amounts of water.

With our Nesselkraft project, I would like to contribute to a more conscious and environmentally friendly way of living. In order to show alternatives, I find it important to research thoroughly on the stinging nettle so that I can understand exactly the process from plant to fabric. I am also fascinated by learning new craft techniques and by the possibility of making everyday objects myself.



Textile designer, process designer

As far as textiles of all kinds are concerned, I have developed a preference for natural fibres.

However, natural fibre does not necessarily mean ecological, as the example of cotton shows very clearly. Cotton is the most popular natural fibre in the world. However, due to the high use of pesticides and the enormous water requirements, cotton production is resource-intensive and not environmentally friendly.

Although the industrial production of nettle-based textiles is not yet an alternative to cotton, our Nesselkraft project can provide inspiration for more ecological actions.

In a way, we are going back to our roots with this project. In a non-globalised world, nettle would perhaps today replace cotton in Europe.

The idea of slow fashion and the slowing down of fashion that goes with it seems very logical to me. By going through the long process of extracting the nettle fibre myself, I was able to better appreciate the final product.


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